The Kids


My Name is Kari and I am 7 years old. Last year, my doctor told me that I had a bad disease called Leukemia. He said they would try to make me better, but it was far along and I would have to fight really hard. The doctors have been giving me chemotherapy to help me get better. But it makes me sick and my hair’s all gone. I’m fighting though, because I want to play with my friends again and grow up to be a doctor so I can help kids, too. My doctor’s really nice. He told my mom and me about some people who want to take kids who are fighting really hard, like me, to Disney World


I’ve always had braces on my legs to help me walk. It’s no big deal to me anymore, but it’s sometimes hard to be different. I’m Michael and I’m in the 4th grade. I love sports but I probably won’t get to play them. I have Cerebral Palsy. So far I’ve had three surgeries, and I have many more to do if I want to walk better. My mom told me there was an organization that might be able to take us to Disney World. I was so excited because my parents have spent so much money on my surgeries and stuff, we’ve never been able to go on a vacation.

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